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BUENOS AIRES, January 17, 2024 - Osana, a leading healthtech company in Latin America seeking to transform the future of healthcare to create a new patient-centered experience, has partnered with 35 healthcare organizations to establish Health Assurance Latam (HEAL), an initiative aiming to build a more proactive, affordable, and equitable healthcare system for the entire region, driven by the development and adoption of new technologies.


The initiative was announced on January 17 at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and is supported by prestigious key sector institutions, including funders, pharmaceutical companies, healthtech firms, chambers, universities, and sector associations.

According to Andrés Lawson, CEO of Osana, a key driver of the manifesto and part of the World Economic Forum's Tech Pioneers group, "HEAL is a joint commitment of the sector to drive a deep and necessary transformation in the healthcare experience throughout Latin America. We consider it vital to foster collaboration among organizations to turn innovative ideas into reality and overcome present and future challenges."

HEAL recognizes the fundamental role of technology in reshaping healthcare and aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technological innovators and care centers. Its mission is to realize innovative ideas that the healthcare sector needs for a more promising tomorrow, based on four commitments:

  • Strategic Alignment: Establishing consensus on the fundamental pillars to accelerate the transition to a more accessible, affordable, proactive, and sustainable healthcare system.

  • Co-Creation: Working together to co-create solutions among different stakeholders, transcending geographical boundaries if necessary, to address the most formidable challenges within healthcare systems.

  • Investment Opportunities: Evaluating investment opportunities in startups that create innovative technology-based solutions aligned with Health Assurance principles.

  • Innovation Spaces: Facilitating emerging companies to test and refine new solutions within populations or facilities managed by various stakeholders (such as payers and providers) to accelerate their commercialization.

"HEAL believes that transforming healthcare requires the formation of a strong ecosystem of like-minded partners and a shared vision; we are convinced that technology can transform healthcare, making it more accessible, affordable, and personalized. We strongly advocate that everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare, regardless of their income, social status, or geographical location. We are committed to working with our partners to create a more real, equitable, and inclusive healthcare system," added Lawson.

The HEAL manifesto is a public declaration by the signatories that they are committed to helping improve health equity and incorporating health equity principles into all their organizations.


Adecra + Cedim
Healthtech Mexico Association
ATRION from Hospital Moinhos de Vento
Brindar Salud
CENAS - Specialized Center for Health Standardization and Accreditation
FLH - Latin American Hospitals Federation
Paramedic Group
Grupo Sudlatin S.A.
HI! Healthcare Intelligence
HL7 Argentina
German Hospital
Private University Hospital of Córdoba
Institute of Medicine for Social Security and Technological Evaluation + Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires
Integrating Health
IPEGSA - Institute of Policy, Economics, and Management in Health
Leal Médica
Luar laboratory
Marlon Health With AI
Mental Health Management
MOL Online Doctors
Health Observatory of the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires
BASA Network
RISAD - Ibero-American Digital Health Network
Dialmed Network
Shaman Management Systems
Ecuadorian Society of Cardiology
Swiss Medical
Thinksoft Argentina
National Technological University - Buenos Aires Regional Faculty, Health Innovation and Technology Center
Favaloro University
Virtual Sense

About HEAL

HEAL (Health Assurance Latam) is a bold initiative aimed at transforming and redefining the healthcare sector in Latin America through collaboration among insurers, providers, pharmaceutical companies, academia, solution providers, and the healthcare innovation ecosystem.


Recognizing the fundamental role of technology in transforming healthcare, HEAL seeks to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technological innovators and care delivery points, striving to promote more proactive, affordable, and equitable healthcare for all.


Its mission is to realize the innovative ideas that the healthcare sector needs to build a more promising future.


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About Osana

Osana develops a new technological infrastructure focused on the healthcare industry in Latin America. It partners with leading healthcare providers, health insurers, and pharmaceutical companies to help them digitize and automate clinical workflows. The company is transforming how people take care of their health, providing a more convenient, results-driven experience with more efficient resource utilization. It raised over USD $25M in its Series A from leading global investors like General Catalyst. Osana's mission is to make healthcare more accessible, actionable, and affordable in the region through the use of technology.


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