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BUENOS AIRES, August 30, 2021 - Osana, a startup developing technological infrastructure for the healthcare industry in Latin America, announced that it has closed a Series A funding round exceeding $20 million, the largest for a Healthtech in Latam. The round was led by General Catalyst with participation from Quiet Capital, Preface Ventures, and previous investors who have increased their investments. This adds to undisclosed seed rounds totaling over $26 million.


Osana is driving the transition from a fragmented to a connected healthcare system in Latin America. "We're building an API-connected healthcare infrastructure to deliver a world-class patient experience while aggregating and organizing information flow across the value chain," said Andres Lawson, Founder and CEO of Osana.

The healthcare industry is a complex ecosystem, composed of different stakeholders where commercial incentives disincentivize patient flow and information. Additionally, technology has traditionally been seen as administrative tools, built in silos, not standardized or interoperable, and lacking a user-centric approach.

By developing an open and interoperable API, unlike legacy bespoke options, Osana streamlines and decreases costs in creating applications that are secure and interact well with other healthcare applications and systems. The infrastructure is designed by doctors, engineers, and experience designers to achieve better outcomes and leverage those teams driving the boundaries of industry innovation.


Osana offers developers a variety of APIs to create, distribute, and deploy software for the healthcare community. The goal is to empower the next generation of healthcare providers in creating patient-centered solutions with the potential to positively impact healthcare experiences and outcomes for millions of people.


"We're partnering with our clients to help create a new type of healthcare experience: one with greater convenience, outcomes, and value," Lawson added. "In a region where 50% of people lack access to quality healthcare, technology can be instrumental in reducing the cost of service and democratizing access to millions of people."


In less than a year since its launch, Osana has secured contracts with leading health insurance companies and clinics, collectively reaching over 6 million patients in the region.


Regarding capital deployment, the funds will be used to triple the size of the company, hiring over 200 people worldwide, as a fully remote company, to help transform the healthcare industry. Osana plans to open offices in Sao Paulo and Mexico City in the coming months.

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